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Kyrcraft's rules page!
Punishments for breaking the rules may be based on the circumstances.
Staff will judge each individual case where the rules are not enough.
Rules apply to Towny/Discord/Forum.

Remember: Rules are always in constant changes, check them up from time to time to avoid having any problem in the server, ignorance of the rules does not exempt from breaking them.

Useful links:

- English in general chat: You can talk other languages at private channels, like DMs, Towny chats and others. This is to help our Staff moderate the chat in a more easy way.

- Respect everyone: Respect everyone on the server, from users to Staff.

- Discriminatory language: Do not use discriminatory language or hate speech towards someone for their race, orientation, identity,  [...]

- Swearing: Swearing is allowed as long as it isnt used against a player and not abused in excesive ways.

- Spamming: Spamming is not allowed, but, in some cases, to celebrate its fine if isnt excesive.

- Topics discussion: Do not talk about politics, drugs, homophobia, sexism, racism or any content like those, Staff can stop it.

- Doxxing: Do not dox users/staff, we take this very serious and you will end permanently banned from the server.

- /ignore Staff: You cant /ignore a Staff member.

- Toxicity: Players who are considered detrimental to the community by the Staff and with the approval of the Owner, will be banned without further consideration.

- Names: No inappropiate or disrespectful names, nicknames, items, usernames or skins. Up to Staff decision what is allowed.

- Impersonating: Do not impersonate Staff or users.

- Alt Accounts: Only one account is allowed per player. Bypassing bans, daily/weekly chests, voting or job limits, giving money or items, or any interaction between your main account and an alt are punishable.

- Account sharing: Do not share your account with anyone else, otherwise, youre the responsible for anything that happens with it.

- AFK Farming/farms: AFK farming, AFK machines or lag machines arent allowed, they will be deleted and Staff will punish the user that used it or that made it.

- Transactions involving IRL money: Transactions involving money in real life arent allowed: (Trade items for IRL money, money ingame for IRL money, [...]). Also any of those transactions made against the rules wont be able to get a refund.

- Scamming: Any form of scam isnt allowed on the server, up to Staff to decide it and the punishment that fits the case, like: Sell items claiming theyre other, agree on something and after being paid, refuse to do it, misleading players in any way, [...].

- Staff decision: Respect Staff decisions. If a Staff member has informed you of something, or determined a punishment, you are expected to respect it. Staff will be responsible for judging situations. If the player feels its unjust, they can appeal it on the Forum or Discord.

- Banned items: Some items arent allowed. If you get caught having them or using them, they will be taken away by the Staff and you will get a punishment, so if you have any, tell Staff to avoid problems.
Banned items: Shulker Spawner/Egg, Bedrock, Barriers.
- Mapart Rules: Maparts that do not respect our rules are not allowed. Also, as mapart distribution, its not allowed to copy or resell any mapart that wasnt made by yourself, if you dont have the original author authorization.

- Harassment: Any type of harassment against other players or Staff can end up in long term ban from our server. If someone is harassing you, contact Staff at Discord or ingame by DMs.

- Ignore: Trying to talk or have contact with players that did /ignore to you isnt allowed.

- Other ways of harassment: Interfering with a player inside of a town by standing in the way of their build, knocking them out of fly, blocking them in any form, [...].

- Homes: Setting homes in, or near other players build or town without their consent is against the rules. This includes claim and unclaimed land.

- Asked to leave: If a player asks you to leave his plot/town, you need to do it.

- Advertising: Advertising other servers or services in ours isnt allowed (Names, IPs, Websites, [...], this apply to anywhere (DMs, DMs at Discord, Discord chats, Ingame chats, Ingame books, Forums).

- Advertising into other servers: Advertising our server into other people servers isnt allowed and we will punish those that did it.

- PvP luring: Luring players into PvP isnt allowed.

- Bypassing PvP: Bypassing PvP in non-PvP zones will end up with a punishment.

- TP-Killing: No TP-Kill, to clarify: Teleport to someone with the intent to kill them / Teleporting someone to yourself with the intent to have them killed by you or a third party (other users, traps, [...]). PvP is legal after 1.5 minutes since TP.

- Toggling PvP at towns: If someone is in your town and youre going to toggle PvP, you need to warn them and give 1 minute before attacking them.

- Griefing: Griefing isnt allowed on the server (Destroy other player's property directly or indirectly, place blocks around a town of other player to mess with it, gathering resources in the Main worlds [...].

- Resource world: Resource worlds are fair to grief them as they reset.

- Raiding: Raiding is permitted only at WILD, and considered to be anything where less than 10 non raidable blocks have been taken. You cant raid towns, even if their permissions are on.

- Raidable blocks:
- Coal, Copper, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Lapislazuli, Emerald, Diamond, Quartz, Netherite blocks and their respective ores.
- Beacons.
- Anvils.
- Hoppers.
- Spawners.
- Heads.
- Armor Stands.
- Enchantment Tables.
- Crops.
- Banners.
- Shulkers.
- Item Frames.
- Furnaces.
- End Portals.
- Unlocked Chests.
Any other block will be taken as grief.

- Inactive residents: Town mayors need to give inactive users 3 weeks before remove their plots and items, if they dont wait that time, it will count as a grief.

- Abandoned structures: You are not allowed to claim abandoned structures / unclaimed structures, but you can always open a Discord ticket and ask about it.

- Cheating: Any form of cheating is taken very serious and will end up with a long term ban.

- Mods: Any mod that give advantage over other players isnt allowed.

- Abusing exploits/bugs: Abusing any exploit or bug of the server will end up in a long term ban from the server.

- Autoclickers: Autoclickers or mods that do similar things arent allowed and will end up in a long term ban from the server.

- Nether roof: Building structures at the Nether roof isnt allowed, as we have a plugin that stops this, if youre caught doing so, we will add bug abuse to the punishment.

- Duped items: Any duped item or items will be taken away from the user and punish everyone involved into it.

- Blacklisted Modifications:
• Cave finders.
• Auto-clickers.
• Free Cam / Replay mods.
• Auto-loggers.
• Anti-AFK mods/scripts.
• Any Hacked client.
• Ghost clients (Killaura, Aimbot, Flight, and related).
• Easyplace from Litematica/Schematica + Scaffolding/Fast place.
• Litematica/Schematica printer.
• Any modification that gives you advantage over other players.

- Allowed Modifications:
• Client performance improvement modifications. (i.e Optifine and related).
• Aesthethic modifications.
• Armor and Effect Status HUD modifications.
• Brightness and gamma adjustment.
• Minimap modifications, that do not show underground cave systems.
• Schematica/Litematica is allowed, but you gotta inform a Staff member (Moderators+) that youre using it, and turn the settings down to a slower pace. (Placement Delay at 2 seconds for example).