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Shyroz Owner Staff
Shyroz 3 days ago
Thats what you think
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Patch notes

- Fixed a bug with NPCs.
- Fixed Archeology Pickaxe not dropping old coins due to a bug (If you have an Archeology Pickaxe, go to /warp fixer and replace it there).
- Fixed MobTrak/StatTrak/BlockTrak not working, replaced the ones from Coin Shop and Vote crate for working ones.

- Added Archeology Pickaxe to /warp fixer.
- Added MobTrak/StatTrak/BlockTrak to /warp fixer.
- Builderbill has joined the Staff team as Helper.

- Fishing contests wont drop Christmas stuff anymore.


Patch notes: 20/03/2023 3 days ago

Patch notes

- Daily restart time has been changed, now it will happen 1 hour later than usual; 09;00.
- Fixed enchanted furnaces with fortune not giving the proper extra when smelting, now it should work.
- Fixed a bug at /menu -> NPC List.

- Added a new NPC; Custom Crafts, exchange vanilla items into other vanilla items that have no craft by default. (Froglights for example at the moment).
- Added Custom Crafts to /warps.
- Added Custom Crafts to /menu -> NPC List.


Patch notes: 11/03/2023 12 days ago

Patch notes

- Fishing contests have been changed; Now they start every 2 hours when there is a minimum of 3 players online, also now they give a new key; Fisherman Key to use at /warp Fisherman.
- Fixed a needing all online players to sleep to skip the night. Now it only requieres 50% of the total amount of online players.
- Fixed an error related to anti cheat.
- Edited Crates reward message.
- Edited Tiered bottles reward message.
- Edited Voting reward message.
- Fixed a bug that made vanilla items not have a message in the VoteParty crate.
- Fixed /rtp still sending players to Powder Snow.

- Added a new crate at /warp Fisherman.
-Added a new key; Fisherman Key.


Patch notes: 09/03/2023 14 days ago

Patch notes

- Fixed a Towny bug that made many blocks dissapear after unclaim: All type of doors/signs/pressure plates and redstone.
- Fixed a bug related to Nether Compass not working. When used it tried to find Shyroz and send him to the Nether.

- Added new awards to Build Championship; Claim blocks for top 1 to 3.
- Added a new command: /enchants that shows all the custom enchants of the server, what they do, where you can apply them and max level they have.


Patch notes: 07/03/2023 16 days ago

Patch notes

- Updated 31 plugins to latest version.
- Updated PaperMC to latest version.
- Fixed NPCs ID showing up when pressing TAB in the chat.
- Fixed minor console errors.
- Fixed TAB list causing errors to players who tried login in.
- Fixed error with /xpbottle.
- Fixed error in console related to vote sites.

- Now /jobs browse shows the jobs you joined with a glowing icon.
- Updated Head Merchant, 750 new heads added.
- Added a new Suggestions bot due to the old one being bugged.


Patch notes: 06/03/2023 17 days ago