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Patch notes

- Fixed names above players not showing.
- Fixed online players counter getting stuck.
- Fixed [i] and [inv] not showing the stuff in chat.
- Fixed a no permissions message when using /sb.


Patch notes: 17/01/2022 15 days ago

Patch notes

- Fixed getting kicked by herbalism/replanter autoreplant.
- Fixed wrong placeholder at XP Bottles, if yours have it, open a ticket and i will replace it.
- Updated everything to latest version.
- Added a system to avoid data lose if a random restart happens.


Patch notes: 17/01/2022 19 days ago

Patch notes

- Shulkers Shell drops again from the Shulker mob.

- Smelting clay balls added to blacksmith.
- Added Goats, Glow Squids, Zombie villagers to hunter job.
- Added Polished Blackstone to builder.


Patch notes: 11/01/2022 25 days ago

Patch notes

- Renamed Wither, Poison, Blind enchants to Fade, Toxic and Blindness due to problems with the Socket Gems.
- /tinkerer has been fixed.


Patch notes: 07/01/2023 29 days ago

Patch notes

- Sockets info wont be displayed anymore after being applied on items. You can still see it on the socket gem.
- Fixed Vote Party crates not giving 1 specific reward.
- Revamped the /vote command.
- Edited some words from chat filter.

- You can now trade Soul trackers that are disabled into Vote keys at /warp Fixer.
- Added Voting milestones, get rewards every 50, 100 and 200 votes.
- Added a way to earn Voter title by amount of total votes.
- Added Warped/Crimson stem to Woodcutter job.

- Souls/Souls tracker have been disabled as they are not needed anymore.


Patch notes: 04/01/2023 about 1 month ago