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Patch notes: 06/08/2023
Shyroz Owner Staff
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IGN: Shyroz
about 1 month ago

Patch notes

- PaperMC has been updated to latest version.
- 63 plugins have been updated to latest version.
- Changed Pirates spawn to /warp Pirates, a new temporal world of 1000x1000 size, has the same rules as the Resource Overworld.
- Changed the Pirate announcement in chat to include the new /warp Pirates.
- Fixed people being able to use /top on Nether worlds to reach the roof.
- Now if you reach the Nether roof somehow, besides freezing you on spot, it will now teleport you down.
- Fixed a bug related to Fishing Contest fish that were heads, when you placed them on the ground, you couldnt remove them anymore, now you can and it drops back the fish without lose it.


- Draka the Corsair now has a paper with info about Pirates.

- Pirates wont spawn anymore on Main/Resource world.