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Patch notes: 04/07/2023
Shyroz Owner Staff
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IGN: Shyroz
3 months ago

Patch notes

- Fixed new 1.20 sign edit not working due to anticheat.
- Fixed a bug on /warp Market that let people edit the rent signs by right-clicking.
- Fixed a bug that let people right-click shop signs and edit them, even if theyre not the owner.
- Fixed /rtp last reset of resource worlds and now shows that structures are enabled.
- Fixed a lag issue related to Item Frames since 1.20 update.
- Fixed a bug related to the user database, which made some stats not update on other commands such as /baltop.
- Fixed a vanilla bug which made Items drop from breaking Item frames dissapear into oblivion.
- Fixed a vanilla bug which allowed Sheeps to eat grass even on unloaded chunks, generating lag sometimes.
- Fixed Viscount / Supporter+ not being allowed to mine spawners, now they can again with Silk Touch.
- Fixed a bug that allowed people without use_item permission to change Spawner types on towns.
- Fixed a bug that allowed people to get Barrier blocks.


- Added Chains to builder job.
- Added Lanterns to builder job.
- Added Soul Lanterns to builder job.
- Added new protection on towns, that blocks people from using Spawn Eggs if they dont have use_item permission.
- Now 1st spot on Fishing Competition gets a Fisherman key + $5000.


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