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Patch notes: 23/02/2023
Shyroz Owner Staff
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IGN: Shyroz
3 months ago

Patch notes

- Fixed voting not giving Common key every 50 votes.
- Fixed voting not giving Uncommon key every 100 votes.
- Fixed /rtp teleporting players into Powder Snow.
- Fixed /rtp teleporting players into Cactus.
- Fixed /rtp teleporting players into Sweet Berries Bushes.
- Fixed Striders kills not being paid by Netherworker.

- Added Lapis Lazuli to fisherman.
- Added Crimson/Warped fungus to Netherworker.
- Added Nether/Warped Wart to Netherworker.
- Added Mossy Cobblestone/Dripstone block and Pointed Dripstone to Miner.
- Added a chance to obtain Shulker shells by fishing, the higher your McMMO Fishing level is, the more chance of getting one.
- Added a 2x income boost on Saturdays and Sundays, lasts 24 hours each day. It will help to get your daily cap faster on weekends.