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Brewery: Recipes
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Shyroz Owner Staff
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IGN: Shyroz
11 months ago

Brewery recipes

Fermented Wheat: 1x Wheat

Sugar Brew: 1x Sugar Cane

Sugar Water: 1x Sugar

Apple Must: 1x Apple

Grape Must: 1x Sweet Berries

Potato Mash: 1x Potato

Boiled Herbs: 1x Grass or 1x Vine

Mushroom Brew: 1x Red Mushroom or 1x Brown Mushroom

Chocolately Brew: 1x Cocoa Beans

Milky Water: 1x Milk Bucket

Blueish Brew: 1x Blue Flowers

Agave Brew: 1x Cactus

Poisonous Broth: 1x Poisonous Potato

Sticky Brew: 1x Egg

Stringy Hebry Broth: 1x Oak Sapling

Foul Pest: 1x Rotten Flesh

Melon Juice: 1x Melon Slice

Bitter Brew: 1x Wheat Seeds or Melon Seeds or Pumpkin Seeds

Bony Brew: 1x Bone Meal

Chocolately Sap: 1x Cookie

Fermented Eye: 1x Fermented Spider Eye

Sad Brew: 1x Ghast Tear

Icewater: 1x Snowball

Glistering Brew: 1x Gold Nugget

Glowing Brew: 1x Glowstone Dust

Apple-Sugar Brew: 3x Sugar Cane and 1x Apple

Boiled Acidy Herbs: 1x Grass and 1x Poisonous Potato

Juniper Brew: 1x Blue Flowers and 1x Wheat

Fruity Juniper Brew: 1x Blue Flowers, 1x Wheat and 1x Apple

Smooth Egg Mixture: 1x Egg, 1x Sugar and 1x Milk Bucket

Wheatbeer: 3x Wheat

Beer: 6x Wheat

Darkbeer: 6x Wheat

Wine: 8x Sweet Berries

Mead: 6x Sugar Cane

Apple Mead: 6x Sugar Cane and 2x Apple

Cidre: 14x Apple

Apple Liquor: 12x Apple

Whiskey: 10x Wheat

Rum: 18x Sugar Cane

Vodka: 10x Potato

Shroom Vodka: 10x Potato, 3x Red Mushroom and 3x Brown Mushroom

Gin: 9x Wheat, 6x Blue Flowers and 1x Apple

Tequila: 8x Cactus

Absinthe: 15x Grass

Green Absinthe: 17x Grass and 2x Poisonous Potato

Potato Soup: 5x Potato and 3x Grass

Coffee: 12x Cocoa Beans and 2x Milk Buckets

Eggnog: 5x Egg, 2x Sugar and 1x Milk Bucket

Cola: 6x Sugar, 2x Brown Dye and 1x Honeycomb